"O Ribeirinho" Restaurant

Famous grilled chicken in Guia

At the Restaurant "O Ribeirinho" in Guia, Albufeira, you can enjoy our typical delicacy - BBQ "Franguinho". Our famous "Franguinho da Guia", grilled with knowledge and mastery is a secret of flavors and delicious aromas. In this space, hospitality blends perfectly with our menu providing moments of pure gastronomic pleasure.

Since 1982 we like to prepare and serve one of the specialties of the Algarve - "Franguinho da Guia". This grilled meat, tender with a crispy skin, is a dish that is the delight of all. Get to know barbecue "O Ribeirinho".

Taste The Best "Franguinho Da Guia"!

In 1982, on June 1, was born one of the best restaurants in the Algarve. This barbecue, located in Guia in Albufeira, was built with the effort, dedication and entrepreneurial spirit of José Cabrita "Ribeirinho" and Maria Celeste Cabrita who made this house a reference in the gastronomic panorama of the Algarve. The Brook of Espiche, near the restaurant, inspired the name of this house and the name by which the owner is treated by clients and friends. Since an early stage it became evident, by the quality of the dishes and the unique flavor of the typical chicken of Guia, that this restaurant values the gastronomy as a symbol of national identity.
Of those times, still exempt from the current tourist culture, is maintained the tradition in the art of hospitality and the typical flavors of a cuisine of homemade flavors. Thus, O Ribeirinho, grew by encouragement and friendship of their customers and friends.

The first installations, by the road, soon became insufficient for the growing number of lovers of the delicious cuisine of this Algarve restaurant. On January 1, 1992, with great sacrifice and, as Mr.. Ribeirinho says, "working 48 hours a day," opened the current space with room and covered terrace for 280 people and private parking. The dream of a man became reality…
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Opening Hours
Lunch - 12h00 to 15h00
Dinner - 19h00 to 23h00
Capacity for 280 people
Private parking
Air conditioning